The Big Smoke

Visited Sacre Coeur on the way to the station. I’ve done the usual sights of Paris before but I thought I’d profit seeing as it’s on the way. I climbed the steep steps up to the Basilica. There were builders carrying sacks of cement up the steps, ca c’est un sacre travail. The basilica was […]


From Toulon, I took the 7.47am TGV to Paris via Lyon. As we flew across Central France at 200MPH I couldn’t believe how flat everything was. Found an Airbnb near Gare du Nord, chose it a bit at random but it was a pleasant surprise. €43 seemed to be the cheapest for a no-frills room […]

Addiu a Corsica!

I woke up around 5:30 am ‘comme d’hab’ and ran up the hill but didn’t go fast because I was scared of surprising the sangliers. Sat and contemplated the quiet hills and the lake below. Am I doing the right thing leaving? When I got back we had an amazing cold porridge. Veronika loves porridge […]

Bye-bye honey, hello dinner party on a hill

I said goodbye to Newlove and the girls and gave them a Bakewell fridge magnet. Yves wasn’t around, but I’ll call him later. The guy from the pizzeria next door gave me a lift to the roundabout. Then a black woman with an African accent from Nantes gave me a lift to Ile Rousse. Her […]


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Hi, I’m Tim. Since Feb 2020 I’ve been wwoofing in Corsica. in my real life I work in IT but I decided to take some time out to do something different.

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